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Subject: Re: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May)
Author: Isla   (Authenticated as Isla)
Date: April 30, 2008 at 9:00:16 PM
Reply to: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May) by Spartz
Woohoo, it's that time again. :) I missed it last month. *pouts*

I'm off to construct my list now, and afterward I'll compare it to March's list. I fear I'm getting boring with age, though (I won't say conservative, as I'm not a fan of that word ;b). I find that I'm leaning toward more popular names, or at least more classics as opposed to unusual or even terribly uncommon ones. Not sure what has changed....Well, anyway, on with the names!

Top 10 Girls:
1. Isla
2. Nora
3. Clara
4. Lydia
5. Elsa
6. Violet
7. Ella
8. Lila (LYE-lah)
9. Audrey
10. Eve

Top 10 Boys:
1. Henry
2. August
3. Julian
4. Graham
5. Elliott
6. Isaac
7. Quinn
8. Rory
9. Oscar
10. Fletcher

ETA: Mine haven't changed drastically in the last 2 months, some of the new additions are indeed a little on the "calmer" side (as I predicted/feared :b).

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