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Subject: Re: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May)
Author: AngieAngelique   (Authenticated as afmastro)
Date: May 1, 2008 at 2:12:07 AM
Reply to: Part 5 - Top 10 Names Experiment (May) by Spartz
I didn't know this was a monthly post. I probabaly missed last month's.

1. Louis (Louie)
2. Russell (Rusty)
3. Paul
4. Axel
5. Dexter (Dex)

But if I had a boy tomorrow, I would only seriously consider the top 2. I am pretty solid on Louis and my husband like it too. He even like the nn Louie.

1. Ione
2. Fiona
3. Delphine (Delphi or Della)
4. Daphne
5. Millicent (Millie or Milla)

Delphine is a newly discovered favorite.

My daughter is already named Fiona. I hadn't discovered Ione when I was picking names for her.

Only two of these names, 3 and 4, would be considered for a real daughter, assuming my husband likes them. I am afraid to bring up these choices for fear he would shoot them down. He's not as adventurous with names as I am. He would be happy enough if I liked names like Emily and Olivia.

Because my husband hates Ione, and its too similar with Fiona, I would likely reluctantly abandon it as a serious contender if I had another girl.

And I wouldn't consider Millicent because, again my husband hates it, and it really doesn't go with my 12 letter, 5 syllable last name that also begins with an M.

Delphine might be a little long, but I would still consider it because it is only 2 syllables, and is passable with my last name.

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