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Subject: Opinions, and maybe a few suggestions?
Author: Ib and the Forgotten Portrait   (guest,
Date: September 27, 2012 at 10:18:17 AM
I'm going to be writing a novel that's a fantasy-type.
The main character is a little girl(I plan to age her between 13~16) by the name of Lillian.(By suggestions, I basically just need a last name for her, because it'll appear a few times on things like signboards and painted on the walls in mysterious red liquid.) Her nickname is/was "Lilly", but she goes by Lillian more.
The concept of the novel is basically starting out as her being artistic, painting and the like, but something ends up occurring that forces her to become bedridden, where she is lost into a (possibly)perpetual dream, where her paintings, drawings, etc. all come to life.
At some point, she loses some of her long, brown hair, which is now somewhat short, but still a nice dark brown. The same occurs to her in the dream world, but she becomes smoky and looks as if she could faint easily.
The point is: She becomes terminally ill, and her dream evolves into a nightmare, and she may or may not get out alive.

Does this name work, at all, with the way the story is supposed to go?
I'd hope so, because Lillian's a pretty common name I see.

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