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Subject: Kira (edited)
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 2:49:29 PM
What do you think of Kira? It seems to be so underrated and underused. Is it because it is kind of similar to Kayla and other K-names that people are sick of by now?

Keira was more popular but it never entered the top 100. I thought this name would be way more common right now (same with Kaia which is also underused).

1) What do you think of Kira?
2) Kira or Keira? or do you prefer another spelling? I've seen Kirra and Keera and then there's Ciara and I guess Kiera.
3) How do you pronounce:
Kyra (I've heard people pronounce it KEE-ra, which doesn't make sense to me).

edit: Sorry, I meant KEE-ra didn't make sense to me for Kyra. KY-ra makes perfect sense to me.

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