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Subject: Hyphenated names
Author: Ana   (Authenticated as clouds)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 9:05:39 PM
Hi everyone, I've been thinking about hyphenated names lately. Prepare yourself for questions :)

Do you like hyphenated names or would you (or have you) use any?
What hyphenated names have you heard of or met in real life?
If you had to use a hyphenated name, what would it be?
Do you prefer double names to be separated by a space or a hyphen, or to be combined in one word (eg Mary Anne, Mary-Anne or Maryanne)?

I've encountered:
Anne-Julie (French)
Marie-Madeleine (French)
Anne-Sophie (French)

Jean-Claude (French)
Girls seem to have more hyphenated names than boys...

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