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Subject: Calpurnia!
Author: ACL   (guest,
Date: October 4, 2012 at 1:14:05 AM
Reply to: Callie by Lily
I had a post about Calpurnia that wasn't too favored but I still love the name and I would name a daughter Calpurnia nn Callie, I think that would be really cute.

I knew a Caleigh when I was like 8-10 so that spelling looks more "right" to me than Callie even though it's kind of one of those creative alternatives for "-lee" names. Callie looks like of nickname-ish to me, though it could work as a first name.

I pronounce Cali and Callie the same, I don't think many people would say Kaylee for either of them. I think Calista nn Callie is the cutest out of those (or I guess Cali but I like Calista and Callie more)

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