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Subject: Re: Esther, Yvette, Gideon, Sequoia
Author: humblebee   (Authenticated as humblebee)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 8:54:27 AM
Reply to: Esther, Yvette, Gideon, Sequoia by Effie
I love Yvette! It's so spirited...just a rockin' little name. Yve & Yvie would be adorable nicknames.

Gideon is in my top 10 for boys. I find it very handsome, but I don't know that it would ever make it to the very top of my list and be under serious consideration for a real child.

I want to like Esther. I try to like it, and sometimes I almost do, but it doesn't last. It falls flat for me: dusty, wrinkled, downbeat. It's a shame since I have several positive associations with the name, including the biblical figure. Even my own middle name is derived, in part, from Esther. Ah, well.

I have to pass on Sequoia. If you're Cherokee, and you really want to honor Sequoia's importance to your culture because that culture is such a big part of your life, then maybe. Otherwise, it's all SUVs and tall trees and sort of silly as a name.

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