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Subject: Re: Callie
Author: Delphi_Blue   (Authenticated as Delphi_Blue)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 11:56:45 AM
Reply to: Callie by Lily
I think it's cute... as a nn. It's too insubstantial and cutesy for me as a full given name.

No. Cali I say with a short sound instead of a long -ee...hard to explain but it's like Cah-lih instead of Cah-lee...if that makes sense.

No. See above. But they work better on an adult than Mackinzy or Brylynn.

Calista nn Cali/Callie (nn spellings can go any way, I feel)

Calista. The 2nd L seems redundant and looks messy.
Calista, although I don't mind Calliope.

I'd use Calanthe personally. Love it :) Thats the only Cal- name I like enough to use.

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