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Subject: Re: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {3}
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: October 11, 2012 at 12:01:51 PM
Reply to: South Australian newspaper BAs 2000-2010 {3} by Viatrix
Some comments:
Abbergale - horrible variant of Abigail. Sounds like some kind of bird!
Alethea Archer - nice to see Alethea, but not together with Archer!
Allegra Winifred - I love Allegra!
Amity Louisa - cool, Amity is very unusual
Araminta Lily Bijou - oh, Araminta is beautiful! But Bijou sounds tacky
Ariadne Aegea - beautiful! She must be Greek?
Bernadette Ruby - Bernadette is beautiful!
Charlize Liberty - blearghhhh
Cosette Alyssa - ohh, Les Misérables! But Alyssa is nms
Cynamon Dawn - I like Cinnamon, but not Cynamon. And Cynamon Dawn sounds like a horse
Dusty Amber Violet - that must be a strange flower
Edwina Lucy - Edwina is cute!
Filomena Anna - Anna Filomena would be cuter
Inca Rain - raining Native Americans?
Indiana Christine - love Christine, but not Indiana
Isabel Candelaria - I know Candelaria is Catholic, but it makes me think of a VD
Jahara Rae - ugh
Jennell Jorja - ugh
Kalypso Sofia - ooh, sweet!
Lila India Ruthie Rose - too much
Lolita Mae - LOLITA!? Are they NUTS!?
Madeline-Lee Imojhen - aoo, my eyes!
Mikayla Cleopatra - jeez
Miranda Katherine Victoria - beautiful
Misty Jean - Misty sounds like a horse
Oceane Mia Teri - Ocean Maria Theresa would be cuter
Petamaree Shania - Petra Marie Shaina sounds better
Piper - can't stand that name. Makes me imagine a brat running around with a tin whistle being extremely annoying
Posie - blah
Ruby Fredrika - Ruby and MY NAME! Yaaayy! :D
Ruby Nectaria - sounds like juice
Tianna Mystique - ugh, tacky
Velvet Caroline - Velvet sounds like a stripper
Zoe Kalliopi - love Kalliopi
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