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Subject: Re: What do you think of YOUR name?
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: March 28, 2013 at 1:49:15 AM
Reply to: What do you think of YOUR name? by MelissaR
My name is Nicole, and I think it's an okay name. When I was younger I used to hate it, but I've realized it isn't that bad. I do think my name fits me, even though I think it's the same style as Amber, Kimberly, Summer etc which I see as "bitch names".
I like that it isn't super common (I live in Sweden) but dislike that some people have no idea how to spell it (yes, really).

I have two middle names. The first one is Anna which I would have disliked if it wasn't honoring. But since it's honoring I like it and if I ever get a daughter, one of her middle names WILL be Anna. My second middle name is Felicia which I've never liked. I've told my parents a million times how ugly I think it is and that I would like to change it. Don't think I ever will though, but I truly dislike Felicia.

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