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Subject: Re: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: March 30, 2013 at 12:29:47 PM
Reply to: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011 by jemis
I call BS on the second list, but the only one I disagree with is William. I mean, in 2011 or whatever, who was talking about Gertrude? Nobody. That set my BS radar off.

I agree with the food rule. But what about Alma or Clementine?
What on earth is a "stripper name"? I mean, Neveah, granted, or Starr, but what's trashy to one person beyond that may not be to another.
Avoid names people hate is a terrible rule. Ick.
Rule 4 is so dumb. Argh.
So is rule 5.
So is rule 6. So I should avoid Anne because it could be Anne, Ann or An? Or what about Catherine's many forms?
Rule 7 is truth, yo.
Initials matter, but not that much, so rule 8 is so-so.
Rule 9 - monograms? Seriously? Who do you know who does monograms nowadays?
Don't get inspiration from stuff! That's rule 10. Stupid.
Funny names are hilarious. Eh, rule 11 can jog on.
Try hard names bug me too, but... what's try hard to one isn't to another...
Seriously? 13 is don't name your child 'Hitler'? I have no words. Was the person who wrote this high? Is this meant to be funny but really as funny as root canal surgery? Am I missing something?
Animal names - agree, kinda.
Sports names - doesn't affect me.
Celebrity thing - yawn.
Avoid banned names? Ya don't say!
I agree with 18.
And 19.
20 is so stupid. Seriously? Most people don't go "I like Twix bars, so I'mma name my kid Twix".
21 sucks and is ethnocentric. Some cultures give names with bad meanings for cultural or religious reasons.
22 is another idiot rule. I mean... seriously, can I guess your IQ ms/mr author?
23 goes without saying but, again, is ethnocentric.
24 is poo.
25 makes this whole list invalid. I laughed. A lot. How stupid.

So really, all of this made me want to slam my head into my desk. I settled with watching videos of sloths on youtube to turn my rage into cuddly benevolence.

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