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Subject: Re: What are your palette cleanser/ breath-of-fresh-air names at the minute?
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: March 30, 2013 at 4:12:44 PM
Reply to: What are your palette cleanser/ breath-of-fresh-air names at the minute? by Alkahest
These are the names I've started to like recently so they seem fresh and new to me right now. They are no long time favorites, but either names I just discovered or names I liked a long time ago that I have rediscovered.



The same thing happened to me, by the way. I used to love really frilly names about a year ago. My favorites were Ariella, Isabella, Estella, Liliana, Arielle, Ariana. They all seem way too sickly sweet to me now, with the exception of Estella which I still like somewhat. But in general I hardly like any names that end in -a anymore, unless they're really old fashioned and unpopular like Zelda and Matilda. I'm getting sick of names that contain popular sounds such as -ella, -ana etc

I'm especially sick of these (no offense to anyone who likes them):

Ella (this seems so empty to me, it's so bland)

Ahhhhh I wish this whole -ella, -ana, Ari-, Eli thing would just stop. And in general I hope -a names will be replaced by -e names soon. Diane, Elaine, Louise, Eve, Camille, Briane - they seem like such a breath of fresh air already next to Ella, Ariella and Juliana even though some of them are still a bit dated.

But Lucille isn't cutesy to me at all. I really like it. It's very no-nonsense and down to earth. I've really started to like Otto as well, together with Ottoline.

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