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Subject: Re: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011
Author: babybackribs   (Authenticated as Lolth)
Date: March 30, 2013 at 6:13:26 PM
Reply to: 25 Rules and Most Hated Names of 2011 by jemis
I can see it with a lot of the names.

No wonder why all the -aden names are on the list. Those -aden names are too common. My cousin named her son Jayden. The kid recently entered kindergarten, and there's 2 other Jaydens in his class. His little sister is named Kendall.

Hunter always cracks me up. I have another cousin with that name (he's a bit older than me). It's especially ironic because he's a bit wimpy - he's actually afraid of my pet lizard.

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