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Subject: help naming characters?
Author: tazzz   (Authenticated as tazzz)
Date: March 31, 2013 at 9:26:14 PM
hi here is a link to a pot in the writing room about a story I'm building

Jynx Lux is currently the only character with a name

I am looking for some names for these characters

character 1: 2nd main protagonist last name Kamble 16 year old female she is totally blind, she is very smart, popular, and very independent. she has dark brown hair, and violet/blue eye's. she is a bit alternative, wears jeans, dark clothes and makeup.

character 2: Dr. Kamble is a trama surgeon in a local ER. he is very witty, clever and affectionate. he enjoys ATVing as a hobby, has three daughters ages 16 (spice), 13(sugar) and 9(everything nice) each with a different wife

character 3: Emperor of the world last name Frode. he is a humanoid Alien, has 1 extra arm, blueish/gray skin, extra large nose and spikes down the back of his neck that signified he's Emperor. he is not pretty or even pleasing to look at.

character 4: Jynx's adviser a young man he is a scavenger, he stays close to earth and eventually also undergoes surgery to pass as human even though he is blind. so that he can inform on Jynx. he's more of a nervous person, a bit of a pushover and gullible

if you have some name suggestions for these character it would be great

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