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Subject: Celebrity children : S on the walk of fame
Author: Viatrix   (Authenticated as Viatrix)
Date: June 13, 2013 at 5:30:26 PM
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If it's mentioned in the article what their grandchildren's names are, I've included them in brackets behind the child they belong to. It's a little bit hard to follow but I've included great-grandchildren in {} at times.

If I do not know which child the grandchildren belong to I've added it to the end.

*Note, some of the children may not be in chronological order.


Sabu Dastagir: Paul and Jasmine
Carole Bayer Sager: Cristopher Elton
Eva Marie Saint: Darrell and Laurette
Susan Saint James: Sunshine (g), Harmony (b), Charles, William and Edward “Teddy”
Pat Sajak: Patrick Michael James and Maggie Marie
Soupy Sales: Tony Fox (Anthony Tyrone “Tony” and Valentina Fox) and Hunt
Adam Sandler: Sadie Madison and Sunny Madeline
Mark Sandrich: Mark Jr. and Jay
Tommy Sands: Jessica
Isabel Sanford: Pamela, Wahli and Sanford
Susan Sarandon: Eva Maria Olivia, John Henry “Jack” and Miles Guthrie
Telly Savalas: Christina, Penelope, Candace, Nicholas, Christian and Ariana
Victor Schertzinger: Patricia and Paula
George Schlatter: Andrea and Maria
Ernest B. Schoedsack: Peter
Charles M. Schulz: Monte, Craig, Jill, Amy and Meredith (Dena)
Ernestine Schumann-Heink: August, Charlotte, Henry, Hans, Ferdinand, Marie, George and George Washington
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Katherine Eunice, Christina Maria Aurelia, Patrick Arnold and Christopher Sargent
Sherwood Schwartz: Donald, Lloyd, Ross and Hope (grandchildren: Juli, Jill, Jackie, Andy, Becky, Nico, Ilsey and Elliot) (great-grandchildren: Rachel, Sarah, Evan and Aidan)
Stephen Schwartz: Jessica and Scott
Martin Scorsese: Catherine, Domenica and Francesca
Martha Scott: Carlton Scott, Mary and Kathleen
Randolph Scott: Sandra and Christopher
Earl Scruggs: Randy, Gary and Steve
Neil Sedaka: Dara and Marc
Kyra Sedgwick: Travis Sedgwick and Sosie Ruth
Bob Seger: Samantha and Christopher
Tom Selleck: Kevin and Hannah Margaret
David O. Selznick: Daniel, Jeffrey and Mary Jennifer
Rod Sterling: Jodi and Anne
Jane Seymour: Katherine, Sean, Johnny Stacy and Kristopher Steven
Shakira: Milan
Leon Shamroy: Paul, Patricia and Timothy
Artie Shaw: Steven and Jonathan
Charlie Sheen: Cassandra Jade, Sam (g), Lola, Bob and Max
Martin Sheen: Emilio Diogenes (Taylor Levi and Paloma Rae), Ramon Luis (Katherine, Luis Jr and Christopher), Carlos Irwin/Charlie (as above) and Renee Pilar
Sidney Sheldon: Mary
Cybill Shepherd: Clementine, Cyrus Zachariah and Molly Ariel
The Sherman Brothers:
--Richard M. Sherman: Lynda, Gregory and Victoria
--Robert B. Sherman: Laurie Shane, Jeffrey Craig, Andrea Tracy and Robert Jason (grandchildren: Joshua, Alex, Sarah, Amelia and Ryan)
Anne Shirley: Julie and Daniel
Dinah Shore: Melissa Ann and John David “Jody”
Sylvia Sidney: Jacob “Jody”
Milton Sills: Dorothy and Kenyon Clarence
Phil Silvers: Candace, Cathy, Laurie, Nancey and Tracey Edythe
Frank Sinatra: Nancy (as below), Frank Jr (Michael) and Tina
Nancy Sinatra: Angela Jennifer “AJ” (Miranda Vega) and Amanda Kate
John Singleton: Justice Maya, Maasai Mohandas and Hadar
Red Skelton: Valentina Marie (Sabrina Maureen) and Richard Jr.
Slash: London Emilio and Cash Anthony
Carl Smith: Carl Jr, Larry Dean, Carlene and Lori Lynn
Jacyln Smith: Gaston and Spencer Margaret
Pete Smith: Douglas
The Smothers Brothers:
--Tom Smothers: Tom Bolyon IV, Bo and Riley Rose (grandson: Phoenix)
--Dick Smothers: Dick Jr, Andrew, Steven, Sarah, Susan and Remick
Wesley Snipes: Jelani Asar, Akhenaten Kihwa-T (b), Iset Jua-T (g), Alaafia Jehu-T (b) and Alimayu Moa-T (b)
Marco Antonio Solis: Beatriz Adriana (Leonardo), Marco Antonio Jr, Alison and Marla
Sonny and Cher:
--Sonny Bono: Christine, Chastity (now Chaz), Chesare Elan (b) and Chianna Maria
--Cher: Chastity (now Chaz, as above) and Elijah Blue
Ann Sothern: Patricia Ann
John Philip Sousa: John Philip Jr, Jane Priscilla and Helen
Sissy Spacek: Schuyler Elizabeth and Madison
David Spade: Harper
Britney Spears: Sean Preston and Jayden James
Aaron Spelling: Victoria Davey “Tori” (Liam Aaron, Stella Doreen, Hattie Margaret and Finn Davey) and Randall Gene “Randy” (Sage Aurelia and Lotus Elodie)
Steven Spielberg: Jessica (Luke Hudson, Eve Augusta and Poppy James), Max Samuel, Theo, Sasha Rebecca, Sawyer Avery, Mikaela and Destry Allyn
Robert Stack: Charles Robert and Elizabeth
Hanley Stafford: Graham
Jo Stafford: Tim and Amy
Sylvester Stallone: Sage Moonblood, Seargeoh, Sophia Rose, Sistine Rose and Scarlet Rose
Barbara Stanwyck: Dion Anthony “Tony”
Mary Steenburgen: Lilly Amanda (Clementine Mae) and Charles Malcolm
Rod Steiger: Anna and Michael
Jules C. Stein: Jean (Katrina and Wendy), Susan, step-children Harold and Gerald
Jan Sterling: Adams
Robert Sterling: Tisha (Heidi), Jeffrey, Dana (b) and Tyler
Connie Stevens: Joely (Skylar Grace, True Harlow, Olivia Luna and step-sons Cameron and Collin) and Tricia Leigh (Holden and Wylder)
George Stevens: George Jr.
James Stewart: Michael, Ronald, Judy and Kelly
Patrick Stewart: Daniel Stewart and Sophie Alexandra
Rod Stewart: Sarah, Kimberly Alana (Delilah Genoveva), Sean Roderick, Ruby, Renee, Liam McAlister, Alistair Wallace and Aiden Patrick
Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara: Ben (Ella Olivia and Quinlin Dempsey) and Amy
Sting: Joseph, Fuchsia Catherine “Kate”, Bridget Michael “Mickey”, Jake, Eliot Paulina “Coco” and Giacomo Luke
Leopold Stokowski: Sonya, Noel, Johan, Leif, Christine, Gloria Luba, Andrea Sadja, Leopold Stanislaus and Christopher
Oliver Stone: Sean Christopher Ali, Michael Jack and Tara
Sharon Stone: Roan Joseph, Laird Vonne and Quinn Kelly
Gale Storm: Peter, Phillip, Paul and Susanna
Lee Strasberg: Susan (Jennifer Robin), John, Adam Lee and David Lee Israel
Igor Stravinsky: Fyodor, Ludmila, Sviatoslav Soulima (John), Marie Milene/Maria Milena
Meryl Streep: Henry Wolfe, Mary Willa “Mamie”, Grace Jane and Louisa Jacobson
Barbra Streisand: Jason Emanuel
Gloria Stuart: Sylvia Vaughn
Preston Sturges: Solomon IV, Preston Jr and Thomas Preston
Margaret Sullavan: Brooke (Jeffrey, William and Marin Brooke {Anna, Cooper and Violet}), Bridget and Bill
Barry Sullivan: Jenny, John and Patricia “Patsy”
Ed Sullivan: Betty
Yma Sumac (born Zoila Augusta Emperatriz): Charles
Donna Summer: Brooklyn, Amanda and Mimi
Slim Summerville: Elliott George
The Supremes:
--Florence Ballard: Nicole, Lisa and Michelle
--Cindy Birdsong: David
Donald Sutherland: Kiefer (as below), Rachel, Rossif, Angus Redford and Roeg
Kiefer Sutherland (full name: Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus): Sarah Jude and former step-daughter Michelle (Hammish and Quinn)
Gloria Swanson: Gloria, Joseph Patrick and Michelle Bridget
Gladys Swarthout: Patricia
Joseph Szigeti: Irene

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