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Subject: Re: Name dream...and the name was awful!
Author: Veronica86   (Authenticated as BuckeyedPeach86)
Date: February 16, 2018 at 7:22:54 PM
Reply to: Name dream...and the name was awful! by Caprice
lol at Bredzel! Maybe you were thinking of Breda and Hazel? I had a name dream like that just before Louis Tomlinson's son was born. I won't go into detail, but Louis polled us fans on what to name the baby. I chose Christopher "Kip"...pretty normal right? But somebody else chose Braisey, and Braisey won! haha It was like I was thinking of how Braiden and Casey would look mashed up.

Anyway, other names I've dreamed up:
Switliori (SWIT-lee-OR-ee)
Emik (EE-mick)
Indur & Estur (twin girls born on Easter)


I just added a lot of names to my PNLs. Please rate!

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