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Subject: Re: I wish you could see me...
Author: 'Cole   (guest,
Date: October 7, 2001 at 5:08:54 PM
Reply to: Re: I wish you could see me... by Nanaea
I am short! I'm five feet, two and a half inches tall. I've got sort of this dark brown hair with kind of an alburn sheen to it, and it's shoulder length, usually worn down unless working with the kids I babysitt (babies love long hair!). Thanks for the "Bright,lively, imaginitive" stuff you said. I like to think I am. :)

I have a scanner here at home, and I kow how to use it to copy stuff and use the art programs on my computer (I'm really artsy-crafty), but that doesn't help me post it here. I think I know how to e-mail my picture to someone as an atachement, though. :)

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