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Subject: Re: Meaning of Scyla?
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: October 8, 2001 at 5:36:33 AM
Reply to: Meaning of Scyla? by Veighta
Scylla (or Skylla)was a Greek mythical babe who was cursed with an eternal "bad-hair day" attitude. I quote Bullfinch: "...(Scylla) was once a beautiful maiden and was changed into a snaky monster by Circe. She dwelt in a cave high up on the cliff, from whence she was accustomed to thrust forth her long necks (for she had six heads), and in each of her mouths seize one of the crew of every vessel passing within reach..." For more, check out da man, Homer :)

Etymologically, Scylla is derived from the Greek means "skylos" meaning "animal's skin, hide". A related word, "skylax" meant "puppy dog" in Classical Greek. In contemporary Greek, "Skylos" and "Scylla" mean. respectively, "dog and bitch. However a verb capturing the words original meaning survives: "Scylleuo", meaning "to strip or despoil a slain enemy".

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