Subject: Very cool! :)
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 12, 2001 at 5:31:28 AM
Reply to: Re: Off-topic quiz (but fun, anyway!) "Are You a Witch"? by Nana
This is very cool, Nana! Now what you have to do is submit these names to Mike C: mike-AT-behindthename.com in this format:

AJDA (f) "buckwheat" (Slovene).

ANDREJ (m) Slovene form of ANDREW

JANEZ (m) Slovene form of JOHN

JASNA (f) Slovene form of CLARA

JURE (m) Slovene form of GEORGE

KLEMEN (m) Slovene form of CLEMENT

MARIJA (f) Croatian, Lithuanian, and Slovene form of MARY

MARJETA (f) "daisy" (Slovene).

PAVEL (m) Russian, Czech, and Slovene form of PAUL

ROK (m) Slovene form of ROCCO

TADEJ (m) Slovene form of THADDEUS

TILEN (m) Slovene form of GILES

TONKA (f) Slovene pet form of ANTONIA

VESNA (f) In Slavic mythology this was the goddess of spring.

Can you find out the meanings of: BORUT, DOMEN, GORAZD, JERNEJ, BOJAN, ALENKA, ALJA, BRINA, JANJA, MAJDA, MOJCA, and VIDA? That's your BtN homework assignment for this weekend. :)

Mike C may or may not ask you for some online verification sources for some of these names. Anyway, just cut and paste the names I've put into BtN submission format for you, and send them to Mike C.

Very fine contribution to the site, Nana! :)

-- Nanaea

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