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Subject: Flat buyers in Bombay beware of Kashinath Mhatre
Author: Anna Marie   (guest)
Date: October 18, 2001 at 2:24:46 AM

Here’s cautioning all people living in Bombay and the extended suburbs against a particular builder by the name of KASHINATH MHATRE of SADANAND MAHARAJ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY whose office is located at Eksar Talao, Eksar road, Borivali West, Bombay, who has been blackmailing us flat owners by curtailing our water supply several times unless defaulters pay maintenance charges (and that too as per his discretion). Because of such blackmail even those who pay maintenance charges have been suffering because of him. He also has gone back on some of his contractual obligations (spelt out in the agreement) and refuses to abide by them. He also refuses to honour an agreement signed with us flat owners recently to the effect that he would charge only a particular amount as maintenance charges with deductions in case of curtailment of or poor quality of water supply. Despite this agreement he demands a higher amount from us and sends threatening letters to us. He has recently threatened to stop our water supply, electricity and security. He also denies allegations of curtailment of water supply. Moreover water seeps into the building in some of our flats because of his poor quality of construction. He also refuses to form a society and hand it over to us despite having charged us flat owners for it.

Readers are advised not to have any dealings with this builder.

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