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Subject: Top 10 U.S. Surnames for Each Letter of the Alphabet
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 19, 2001 at 12:56:21 AM
Just for fun, I've compiled a list of the top 10 surnames in the U.S. (according to the 1990 U.S. Federal Census and in order of popularity) for each letter of the alphabet. I dunno what possible use this list may have -- I just felt like finding out what the names were. :)

A - Anderson, Allen, Adams, Alexander, Arnold, Andrews, Armstrong, Austin, Alvarez, Aguilar

B - Brown, Baker, Bell, Bailey, Brooks, Bennett, Barnes, Butler, Bryant, Boyd

C - Clark, Carter, Campbell, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Coleman, Cole, Cruz

D - Davis, Diaz, Dixon, Daniels, Dunn, Duncan, Dean, Day, Douglas, Davidson

E - Evans, Edwards, Ellis, Elliott, Erickson, Estrada, Espinoza, Eaton, English, Ellison

F - Flores, Foster, Ford, Fisher, Freeman, Ferguson, Fox, Franklin, Fields, Fernandez

G - Garcia, Green, Gonzalez, Gray, Gonzales, Griffin, Graham, Gibson, Gomez, Gordon

H - Harris, Hall, Hernandez, Hill, Howard, Henderson, Hughes, Hayes, Hamilton, Harrison

I - Ingram, Irwin, Ibarra, Ivey, Inman, Irvin, Irving, Isaac, Ivy, Iverson

J - Johnson, Jones, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jordan, Johnston, Jacobs, Jenson, Jennings

K - King, Kelly, Kennedy, Knight, Kelley, Kim, Keller, Klein, Kirk, Kirby

L - Lewis, Lee, Lopez, Long, Lane, Lawrence, Lawson, Little, Lynch, Larson

M - Miller, Moore, Martin, Martinez, Mitchell, Morris, Morgan, Murphy, Myers, McDonald

N - Nelson, Nichols, Nguyen, Neal, Newman, Norris, Newton, Norman, Nunez, Norton

O - Owens, Ortiz, Olson, Oliver, O'Brien, Ortega, Osborne, Owen, O'Connor, O'Neal

P - Perez, Phillips, Parker, Peterson, Price, Perry, Powell, Patterson, Porter, Palmer

Q - Quinn, Quinones, Quick, Quintero, Quintana, Queen, Quiroz, Quarles, Quezada, Qualls

R - Robinson, Rodriguez, Roberts, Rogers, Reed, Rivera, Richardson, Ramirez, Ross, Russell

S - Smith, Scott, Stewart, Sanchez, Sanders, Simmons, Sullivan, Simpson, Stevens, Shaw

T - Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Torres, Tucker, Terry, Tate, Thornton, Todd

U - Underwood, Ulrich, Urban, Upton, Unger, Uribe, Upchurch, Urbina, Upshaw, Utley

V - Vasquez, Vargas, Vaughn, Valdez, Vega, Vazquez, Vincent, Vance, Villarreal, Velasquez

W - Williams, Wilson, White, Walker, Wright, Ward, Watson, Wood, Washington, Wallace

X - Xiong, Xu, Xavier, Xie, Xiao, Xang, Xia, Xiang, Ximenez, Xue

Y - Young, Yates, York, Yang, Yarbrough, Yoder, Yeager, Youngblood, Ybarra, Yu

Z - Zimmerman, Zamora, Zuniga, Ziegler, Zavala, Zapata, Zepeda, Zimmer, Zeigler, Zook

-- Nanaea

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