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Subject: Re: Minako
Author: Jonathan   (guest,
Date: October 28, 2001 at 11:01:32 PM
Reply to: Re: Minako by Phyllis
I think it really depends on the way the kanji is written...

Looking through enamdict, there's around 30 or so entries for Minako. I suspect most of them aren't used regularly, however.

"ko" is easy, it's just "little one". A lot of Japanese girls names use "ko".

"Mina" means everyone. There's a way to write Minako so it has the "everyone" kanji in it.

"Mi" in a girl's name usually means "beauty". Many transliterations of "na" exist, but has a "what connotation" in one kanji-zation, and "vegetable" in another kanji-zation.

I have thoroughly confused you guys, haven't I? (It makes a lot of sense to me since I am Chinese and therefore know some kanji, but the way I explain it is really weird.)

Anyway, as a side note, "mina" is everyone. However, most English fan anime websites you see use "minna", which is incorrect.

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