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Subject: Yep, plus Creation Conventions rant...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: November 1, 2001 at 5:34:06 AM
Reply to: Weird. I'd never heard of Bruce Campbell before this and I open the morning's paper and there he is yesterday at a book signing in our little burg... by Daividh
J.R. ventures all over the U.S., especially when invited to fan-organized sci-fi conventions. Haven't done many recently though (except for Long Island's mega, annual I-CON at Stony Brook University) because the dynamics of sci-fi conventions have changed over the past decade or so.

The fan-run conventions are being squeezed out by the commercial organizations, such as Creation Entertainment (the biggest of all of them). The smaller groups just can't compete with what Creation pays actors to appear in their conventions -- and Creation induces actors to sign exclusive contracts with them, as well. The commercial organizations employ "dirty tricks" too, such as deliberately scheduling their events in a particular town on the same day as a fan-run group's annual event may have been in past years.

Creation also charges big bucks for fan dealers to purchase a "table" at these conventions in order to sell their wares (provided the wares don't compete with any Creation merchandising licenses), and a lot of fan dealers can't afford those fees. Really talented people who fashion their own jewelry, swords, garb, ceramics, dolls, etc. are taking their wares to Renaissance Faires these days instead of conventions. And the people who dealt in rare and used books are completely left out in the cold.

It's a shame, really. The great old days of sci-fi conventions are pretty much over, thanks to the greed of organizations such as Creation, as well as the greed which Creation & Co. foster in certain actors. (Mainly the "stars" -- not so much the supporting cast or creative talent behind a television series.)

The public is stupid to support organizations such as Creation. But then, there are so many people out there for whom the high point in their lives is seeing their favorite actor in person, that all the rest doesn't matter. And that's what Creation banks on.

-- Nanaea

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