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Subject: Re: I like that one Pavlos did! Dinosaurs rule!
Author: Roseanna Lu Solarwind (I'm having way too much fun   (guest)
Date: November 9, 2001 at 2:34:38 PM
Reply to: I like that one Pavlos did! Dinosaurs rule! by Nanaea
I love all the Snow names! I can't decide between them. Well, I think Rosalinda Lauren Snow is still my favorite, but the others are so good, too!

Oh, there we go. Inspiration has hit. I'll go to a sperm bank, have a kid, and name her Rosalinda Lauren Snow - all after me, and the Snow would fit for the "bastard name" from that book series... ;-)

I have a friend (haven't spoken to her since 93, but, well, you know) who last year named her new daughter an anagram of her name - Andria Rose (mom Randi Rose). At first I thought it was a bit egocentric, but now... one that wasn't so obvious... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... (evil laughter, in case you couldn't tell) :-)

My poor kids, should I have any!

Bronteglauxe/Rosalinda/Lula... I just can't make up my mind! Ah, a moniker for every mood... Yesterday I would have been a Rowena Drusilla Anson, I think. ;-)

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