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Subject: yet more anagrams, relating to beads
Author: Bronteglauke   (guest)
Date: November 9, 2001 at 3:20:21 PM
Bead Fanatic - "Cadet Fabian" or "Fetid Cabana"

Glass Insanity - "Analysis Sting"

Glass Bead Addiction -
Bid Catalina Goddess
Addison Cabal Digest (wonder if it's monthly?)
Odd Silicate Sandbag
Bali Antacid Goddess
Bald Asiatic Godsend
Baltic Goddess Diana (or Naiad, or Nadia)
Diagnostic Salad Bed
Candid Tabloid Gases

and, the one which fits my profession the best...
Lab Diagnoses Addict!

Now I truly need some sleep. I'm looking at - ugh - 5 hours now...

Bronteglauke/Lula Roseanna Windsor

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