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Subject: Finnish Names and Meanings for Database
Author: Liisa   (guest)
Date: November 23, 2001 at 7:29:28 PM
I am of Finnish background (as you can probably tell from my name, a Finnish short form of Elizabeth.) I thought I would add the names of some of my family members to the message board for you to add to your database.

Karin (Female)-Finnish form of Katherine meaning "Pure".

Sari (Female)-Finnish form of Sarah meaning "Princess".

Jorma (Male)-Finnish form of Jeremiah, I am not exactly sure of the precise meaning of this name but it is definitely a derivative of it.

Reetta (Female)-Finnish short form of Margaret.

Riitta (Female)-Finnish form of Rita.

Hannu(Male)-Finnish form of John.

Olavi (Male)-Finnish form of Olaf.

Tanja (Female)-Finnish form of Tanya.

Ahti(Male)-The name of a Finnish warrior in the Finnish Mythology Epic "The Kalevala", this was my grandfathers name.

Karoliina (Female)-Finnish form of Caroline.

Tiina(Female)-Finnish form of Tina.

Tuija-A Female name meaning "wind"

Jouko (Male)- Finnish form of Jacob.

Matti or Matias (Male)-Finnish forms of Matthew.

When I can find more, I will post them! please add these to your database

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