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Subject: i hope that none of these names are on ur website
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: November 30, 2001 at 11:23:26 PM
alright, i have a list of about 300 names (most of which i have found reason to believe, although not exactly reliable, are real names)
some i KNOW are real, and just simply not here!
Those names aren't exactly in an organized list, of ethnic backround, and gender, and meaning. etc. so when i geta round to it ill post some
good past time for me, im addicted to the site :s (cant be healthy...)
I thought i'd start with the very basic, names in my family backround, that i do/don't know backround, i always know gender, and mos ti know meaning to
Some I dont, and actually the etymolgy stuff is practically in my veins, family members on both sides, very far back have recorded names, backround, and 'meaning' (ok, some of these meanings, i dont believe, they are just all i got!)
My family backrounds are the following (i hope this helps)
French, English, Scottish, Austrian, Russian, Native, African (Zimbawe/Ethopia), Polish, German, Dutch, & Irish
Mostly scottish, and the african is FAR back, we only know of it bcz the dark skin skips generations, -rambling-
Ok here we go

Hylan (Hi-lahn) (m) - (gaelic) "From the highlands" name of great great etc grandfather's brother 1500-1600 area
Yaddaran (Yah-dare-en) - NO CLUE!
Zadderic (Zah-dare-ic) - the brother of Yaddaren.. go figure
Jasrrik (Jazz-rick) - i know this one was in the german area
Dro (Droh) - (Gaelic/Celtic) - "warrior of earth" late 1600 area
Jenesis (like the name Genesis) - the person (some great aunt) was Dutch, but her parents living down in the Palestine area, and this is much mroe recent, early 1800's
Siberea (Sib-ear-ee-ah or Siv-ear-ee-ah) - (Russian, Cacausia region) ok this sounds to much liek Siberia to me, but seeing as it was around late 1400's, and was Russian, i doubt it
Dalziel - (gaelic) - "the boy from the field"

thats all i remember for now, if you could help that would be great, and just for funa few other names (i dont know if my resources are creadible, sorry -_-' )
Haoqi (f) (hay-oh-key or hay-oh-ki) - (Japanese) - Fire spirit of the stars
Airian (m) (air-ee-en)- (Japanese) - Golden Dragon of Day (ie. the sun)
Ahri (f) (aw-ree)- (Aztec) - Child of the light
Tabatch (m) (tah-bitch or tah-vish or tah-vitch) - (Aztec) - Child of the Dark
Pinnochia (f) - (Pin-oh-she-yea) - (Northren Ethopia) - "beautiful voice" (i had a friend from there)
Behoed (m) - (Be-hoe-ed) - (Northren Ethopia) - "my promised" (is it just me or does it remind u of Beloved)
Fennecaira (f) - (Fen-es-sare-ee-ah) - (Northren Sahara region) - "witty"
Raleigha (f) - feminine form of Raleigh
Bonasazia (f) - (Northren Sahara Region, possibly egypt, or up into Saudia Arabia) - "a born leader)
Heero (Here-o, roll the 'r' in a spanish way, but like an oriental accent on it) - (Japenese) - I dont know, its just off this anime i like

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