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Subject: oh no....
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 11, 2002 at 11:09:10 PM
Reply to: Please tell me ppl dont name their children Reverend... (more) by Silver
In the short lived pop group -B2KRAZY, made of a 24 yr old female singer, Genevieve, two 14 yr old Boys, Brett and Zael, who never actually did anything throughout the CD, and the African 25 year old Rapper.
His name - Revren.
To close to Revernd for me, could it be similar.
By the way I continued looking in a Paladin and Psonic.
Paladin is described as a person who can call upon the wrath of their god to unleash power. They are also given minor spells by their god to use at will. I couldn't ever find any mention as to what religion this is based.
A Psonic appearently is the name of person with telekinesis, ie telekinetic capabilites, for those that dont know, that means they can move things with their mind.
Another word that came up often when searching for these was a Mage. A general term given to those with a calling for Magic.
I thought, Mage could be a name, and i remembered in my books The SilverDragon, and the PowerDragon, there is a family whos last name is Mage.
Neveon, and Tavia, parents, father and mother respectivly, their eldest son, Jasrrik, and twins Jenesis, & Vegren, girl and boy respectivly. And Last name Mage.
Druid, Mage, Psonic, and Paladin were often found with Priest as well, and appear to have some interrelation of positions, and reverence, but none through the actual religion.
Anyways, I would love anymore information.
Thanks :) ^_^
Ps. for fun for those who dont know, besides Telekinesis (from tele like as in television, and telephone, and kinetics)
Empathic - the ability to sence/read emotions through thought
Telepathic - the ability to read thoughts, and send thoughts through thought
Psychic - the ability to read the future,sometimes to read thoughts, and often talk to spirits,
Necromancer - involved with the dead, they can often speak to spirits, or let their spirit enter the realm of the dead and interact with the dead, and sometimes can ever resurrect the dead

If anyone is bored, please feel free to add to this list as well :)

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