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Subject: Tolkien names
Author: Nana   (guest)
Date: January 26, 2002 at 12:58:17 AM
I was always interested in JRR Tolkien`s invented languages. The film I saw few days ago, reminded me how much I liked his books when I was a child (I still like them :-))
So, here are some names from Lord of the rings by JRR Tolkien. Most of the names are in Sindarin and Quenya, elvish languages invented by Tolkien. Quenya was the language spoken in Valinor (some sort of elvish Latin). Sidarin or grey-elven was more for everyday use.
Aragorn (m): royal tree (Sindarin)
Arod (name of the horse that was given to Legolas and Gimli): quick, swift (Rohirric)
Arwen (f): royal maiden (Sindarin)
Banazir (m): half-wise (Sam Gamgee`s name in geniue Hobbitish)
Boromir (m): mir=jewel (Quenya), Boromir was probably named after the elf-friend Boromir, whose father`s name was Boron. Therefore Boromir probably means jewel of Boron.
Bregalad (elvish name of one of the younger ents Quickbeam): swift tree (Sindarin)
Celeborn (m): silver tree (Sindarin)
Curunir (m): man of skill (Sindarin; another name for Saruman)
Duilin (m): river song (Sindarin)
Duinhir (m): river-lord (Sindarin)
Elanor (f): star-sun (Sindarin)
Elbereth (f): star-queen (Sindarin; another name for Varda)
Elessar (m): elf-stone (Quenya; another name for Aragorn)
Elladan (m): elf-man (Sindarin)
Elrohir (m): elf horse-master (Sindarin)
Elrond (m): star dome (Sindarin)
Elros (m): star foam (Sindarin)
Estel (m): hope (Sindarin; Aragorn`s childhood name)
Fangorn (elvish name of the leader of ents Treebeard): beard-tree (Sindarin)
Fimbrethil (an entwife loved by Fangorn): thin or slim birch (Sindarin)
Finglas (elvish name for the ent Leaflock): hair-leaf (Sindarin)
Fladrif (elvish name for the ent Skinbark): skin-bark (Sindarin)
Galadhriel (f): tree lady (Sindarin)
Galadriel (f): lady of light (Sindarin)
Gil-Galad (m): star of radiance (Sindarin)
Gilraen (f): wandering star (Sindarin)
Gilthoniel (f): star-kindler (Sindarin; another name of Varda)
Glorfindel (m): golden hair (Sindarin)
Guthlaf (m): survivor of the battle (Rohirric)
Gwaihir (lord of the eagles): wind lord (Sindarin)
Halbarad (m): tall tower (Sindarin)
Hasufel (name of the horse given to Aragorn by Eomer): dark skin (Rohirric)
Hirgon (m): lord-stone (Sindarin)
Hirluin (m): lord-noble (Sindarin)
Iarwain Ben-Adar (m): old-without-father (Sindarin; elvish name for Tom Bombadil)
Legolas (m): green leaf (Sindarin)
Mithrandir (m): grey pilgrim (Sindarin; elvish name for Gandalf)
Nazgul (m): ring wrath (Black speech)
Nimrodel (f): white-cave-lady (Sindarin)
Roheryn (name of the Aragorn`s horse): horse of the lady (Sindarin)
Sauron (m): abominable (Quenya)
Sharkey (m): old man (Orkish; another name for Saruman)
Targon (m): royal stone (Quenya)
Thorongil (m): eagle of the star (Sindarin; another name for Aragorn)
Tintalle (f): kindler (Quenya; another name for Varda)
Tinuviel (f): twilight maiden (Sindarin; a poetic name for nightingale)
Orald (m): very old (Mannish; another name for Tom Bombadil)
Undomiel (f): evening maiden (Quenya; another name for Arwen)
Varda (f): the exalted (Quenya)

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