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Subject: Bertha Bob.... (jk more)
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 27, 2002 at 8:52:40 PM
Reply to: Re: Omigosh! Rayney Blue Aloha! Where have you been all this time? Welcome back! :) by Nanaea
more then happy Nan :)

My first name is Ashley, which i plan to change to Ashlea when i get older to reflect my heavy gaelic heritage.
I have 2 middle names, one from each grandmother.
The first is Caroline, even though my grandmother's name is Carolyn, she changed it when she became some head nurse of some district waaaay back when.
That's my dad's mom.
The second is kinda complicated. It is Agatha, but you are pronouncing wrong!!! lol
The story goes my grandma was born to two french parents at a strictly english hospital. They didn't understand what they wanted the baby to be named so nurse asked them to write the name on paper.
It was 'Agathe' pronounced Ah-gahth. The nurse thought they were ignorant northren French i suppose, and thought they spelt it wrong and meant the common name Agatha, Aig-ith-ah.
The parents never changed her name, and pronounced it the french with an 'a' ending, Ah-gahth-ah, which i think is so much prettier.
Was that WAY to much info for you?
BTW, if neone cares my last name is Cameron.
And there are about 100 Ashley Cameron's in Ontario anyway, so im not worried about anyone finding me, lol.
Tootles :)


Ps. I used to do this thing where i take people's last name's and first names, and rearrange them in my sacred little way, to get really cool nicknames for all my friends, with neat meanings. I also often you the chinese translator, and pronounce out the names and find what each letter means and give a little meaning to their new nifty Chinese name. Lol. Want one?

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