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Subject: Friends indeed!!! heres how it goes....
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 27, 2002 at 10:56:46 PM
Reply to: Hiya, Silver! These are all wicked characters -- I think they make GREAT friends! :) n/t by Nanaea
Alright, so these people are all friends, and quite the little collection we have here, and why they all need each other.
Ishtar, the mother goddess of love, war, and fertility, and she is sitting around one day, counting her ceiling tiles and starts reminiscing of her old Goddess pal Sekhmet. They started some fine wars in their day, all in good fun. She gives in, and picks up the phone to see if she can come over. They decide to get together, and the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has begun. They begin talk about old times, and Ishtar starts thinking about starting something a little new.
"Sorry Ishy, but I've been rather busy lately. I'm training my new deranged Russian henchman, Rasputin. He is a real handful; he's got spunk. But I'll tell you something else, he just simply has the worst possible timing with absolutely everything, and fate just seems to work against him.
Ishtar tapped her chin thoughtfully, "I have a new friend, a Roman. Faustina, interesting girl. She might as well have rabbits feet for hands, horseshoes on her feet, and four leaf clovers for hair. She's awfully nice, but doesn't have that evil streak I was looking for."
Just then Ishtar's handy maid rushed in with the goddess's tea, singing. "I have blonde streaks!"
"We know, Erato… we know." Ishtar relplied rolling her eyes.
"Where did you pick that one up?" Sekhmet asked rather uncaring of Erato's presence as she put sugar in her tea.
"Oh her. Zeus got fed up. She will never stop singing. So, he gave her to me for a while. That voice comes in handy for the fertility side of the job, she can really set the mood."
"Well, how about we reconvene tomorrow, at the same time. I will bring my good luck charm, and you bring your senile mastermind." Sekhmet rose to leave, clearly forming an idea.
"Mastermind! Hah!" Ishtar explained, "he's got the senility, he's got the corrupt depravity, but brains… hardly."
"So we need someone with smarts then… I'll find our genius, if you can get me some power. Ever since me an Hathor had that skirmish, I'm just not what I used to be. Well thank you for the tea, it was delicous."
"Tomorrow then, Sekhment?"
"Tomorrow, Ishtar"
"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow, Your only a daaaaaay, aaaaaaawaaaa…." Ishtar quickly closed Erato's mouth.

The next day….
"Oh Ishy, how lovely to see you again" Sekhmet murmured as she hugged her fellow goddess.
"Sekha, dear, is something wrong?"
"Well, I did what I could finding us a criminal mastermind, but, well, I'll let you see for yourself." Sekhmet dragged in a short little stumpy man, who's eyebrow seemed to be caught in a fury of continuous twitching.
"Oh my… and who might you be?" Ishtar asked as polite as a goddess of war can.
"Mphm" it grumbled a reply.
"Say your name, say your name" Erato hollered as she slid into the room. A little blond head peaked out from behind 'mphm' and looked at Erato.
"Pretty voice," it said.
"Awwwww, come here little one" Erato cooed to the mass of blonde curls. It jumped out from behind its protector and bounded over in several ungraceful leaps. Two big brown eyes looked up at Erato.
"Me, Faustina. You," Faustina pointed to Erato "friend." Erato scooped he up in one sweep and looked at Ishtar.
"Can I keep it?" Erato pleaded.
"No… now… go keep Rasputin from trying to gnaw through his straps."
"Straps?" Sekhmet raised an eyebrow.
"He was… more senile then I once thought. Now really, who is fury one there." Sekhmet taped the stout's mans shoulder and he only blinked. "This would be Nero. I think his full name is Rainero. German fellow, used to be the army's strategist until, well, he died."
"Oh no, Sekh. No dead men! They always fall apart, and Orisis will make you clean it up, and you know it."
Sekhmet sighed. "Well where is your power house?"
Ishtar pointed over to where Erato and Faustina were alternately taking turns at poking a huge Nordic house of a man. "Say hello to Dagon. He can lift anything, and dumb as a doorknob." She gently rapped on his head in demonstration, listening to the hollow echo resound. "The only problem is… he can only work in the day."
"What?!" Sekhmet yelled.
"His mother gave him a strict bed time, every night, if the sun's not up, he won't move."
"What use will that be?"
"What use will your dead Roman be?"
"More then your psychopathic Russian!" Sekmet pointed over to the corner where Rasputin was once within his straight jacket. "Um… Ishtar, where's the crazy Russian?"
Erato ran into the room singing some wonderful song about feeling like your flying when you are in love, followed by Rasputin and Faustina zooming around making airplane noises.
"Erato!" Ishtar screamed. "What is going on?!"
"It is miraculous" she sung "I sang a little riddle, and Faustina on her fiddle, and Rasputin fell in love. No long senile, he has the heart of a chil' and something that rhymes with love." Erato paused from her singing, "I really need my old job back, I'm losing my touch."
"You never were any good anyway!" Ishtar shrieked pulling at her hair.
"Well I never…" Erato, crossed her arms, made a firm 'hmph' and marched out of the house with Rasputin and Faustina skipping behind her hand in hand whispering gibberish of love.
Ishtar and Sekhmet looked at each other horrified a moment, until the unbareable silence was broken by whimpering. The two looked over to the 6'7, 300 lb. Nordic power house who was now on the floor rocking back and forth crying like a child.
"Almost bed time" it sniffled, "I want mommy to take me in." Dagon then proceeded to wail like a babe needing its bottle. A loud growl came from across the room, from Nero.
"I don't work with babies!!!" He hollered and sank into the floor, back into the belly of the underworld. Sekhmet grabbed Dagon viciously by the hand lugged him up to his feet.
"We are leaving" and with that Sekhmet stuck her nose high in the air, and marched out half dragging her sobbing load.
Ishtar plopped back on her couch, all alone, and frazzled at passing of events. She gazed up at the ceiling tiles. Just then Sekhmet stuck her head back in the door.
"By the way, you have horrible tea and I never liked it." There was a might 'kaboom' as the door was slamed and the walls shook.
Ishtar, the great mother goddess of love, war, and fertility kept staring at her ceiling tiles. "I believe I was at 42…"

OK so i was really bored with nothing better to do.... lol
Happy reading :) (what a waste of space...)

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