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Subject: -sniffle- i dont think my chinese translator likes you :(
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: January 28, 2002 at 9:49:54 PM
Reply to: Silver's aliases, hippy names, & craft names... by Nanaea
I am officaially adopting the name Alycen Ashmore, with my craft name as Calleigh Astraea Harmony-Ocean.
As for yours, i usually offer seven choices, the first seven that worked.
Feel free to chose one, usually i ask my friends to choose the one that best suits them, or if none do, i try and do more.
Here they are.

Enrel : enricher of life
Aenav: ready for the future
Mekal: lion-hearted
Yriel: brilliance
Zyhar: lively
Acaris: balance and grace
Hofel: deception

My favourites are Yriel, and Acaris, not sure how graceful you are, but you are sure smart!!!
As for the chinese... well....

Nanaea Rachel = Nianwuai Orechengli: Yearly pressence of evil that succeeds in finding love, and stands no nonsence
for those in their way

IT SAID THAT!!! NOT ME!!! You don't stand nonsence though, and i love that!
Well, tell me what you think and enjoy :)


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