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Author: Hayley   (guest,
Date: January 30, 2002 at 5:42:07 PM
Reply to: Re: by Silver
LOL..yeah i've been trying to write books...i've TRIED to make 4 good are they're plots:

1) A girl named Ella wonders what's in her brother, Ross's, room, because it's always locked. She tries to get in there but fails. Then a REALLY unpopular girl calls her and invites her over, and in this box that she has is a faerie. the faerie befriends her and then a guard faerie comes and says like why did you let her out of her cage. and so ella becomes a faerie to help all of the faeries because she needs to proove that she's good inside. well, they go to ROSS'S ROOM and he's the "Keeper of the Wings", which is that he gets all of the faeries then sends them to a monster. they go ther and they have a big battle w/ the monster....and i haven't finished it.

2) THIS IS MY BEST ONE: There are these 2 girls: Ariel and Hope. they have secret powers. Ariel can become invisible, fly invisible, and levitate. Hope can make fire, electricity, and water come out of her fingers. a new girl comes named Laurell and it turnes out that she has powers too. She can freeze time and make the weather do whatever she wants. there's this girl at school named Penelope, and she's really mean to them. she knows taht they have secret powers. one time when they're @ Laurell's house, penelope captures laurells little sis, Kate. Only on the next full moon will they get her back...dun dun dunnn...i haven't finished this one either.

3) this one is sorta good...i just started it....there is this HUGE family, i think 11 memebers, and when the parents leave they all start dissapearing...dun dun dunn...

4) the F.R.I.E.N.D.S one

5) this is in Medieval Times and the present at the same time. there is this girl named Lady Elizabeth and she lives in a good castle. in the present, there is a girl named Kat and she is unpopular, but she meets up w/ this guy. Kat has a magic sweater that glows but she doesn't know it. Elizabeth has magic shoes that glow but she doesn't know it. suddenly Kat & Elizabeth both touch thier magic shoes and sweater and Elizabeth gets transported into the present time. they have this whole thing w/ the offending castle, Blight, and the black knights come to the present, you know...but me and my guy friend are weriting it and it might even get published!!

PLEASE write a "review" on them! LOL!

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