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Subject: French, Chinese, and on this site...
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: February 4, 2002 at 9:48:52 PM
Reply to: Cold Names by Aidan
French, Chinese, and on this site...

On this site:

WINTER (f) "winter", from the English word for the season.
EIRA (f) "snow" (Welsh)
HAUKEA (f) "white snow" from Hawaiian hau "snow" and kea "white". (you could separate these)
NEUS (f) "snow" (Catalan)
NEVA (f) Perhaps related to Italian neve "snow".
YUKI (m) "snow" (Japanese)
YUKIKO (f) "snow child" (Japanese)
AZURE (f) From the English word that means "sky blue".
DOUGLAS (m) "dark blue river" or "blood river" from Gaelic dubn "dark blue" and glas "water, river". (you could just use the Dubn, or change that somehow)
CYAN (f) From the English word meaning "greenish blue", ultimately derived from Greek kyanos. (you could use Kyanos too)
SUNIL (m) "very blue" from Sanskrit su "very" combined with nila "dark blue". (again this can be seperated)
SINI (f) "blue" (Finnish). More specifically, sini is a poetic term for the colour blue.
LIVIUS (m) Roman family name which may be related to either Latin liveo "to envy" or lividus "blue, envious". Titus Livius, also known as Livy, was a Roman historian who wrote a history of the city of Rome. (you could just use Lividus, but I wouldn't recommend it, I believe it is being used as how we use green for envy)
KHAJAG (m) "blue-eyed" (Armenian)

You could create a name, which I just love doing myself by combining pieces of these names together to get a more desired meaning, for example…

Yukinila - "dark blue snow"
Eirkyanos, or Eirakyan - "bluish snow"
Haudubyn - "blue snow"
Eirkea - "white snow"

I'm sure you get the idea…

Here are the french words for what you were looking for

Friod(e) - cold (the 'e' suffix is for when it is supposed to be feminine, the name is pronounced more like 'fwah'
Frais - cool (Freh)
Glacé(e) - ice (glah-ceh)
Neige - snow (neighg)
Bleu - blue (bluh)
Gel - frost (juhel)
Gelure - frostbite (juhel-ewr)
Dépoli - frosted, as in glace (deh-pawl-ee)
Glacé(e) - frosted (glah-ceh)
Glacial(e) - frosty, as in the weather (glah-cee-ahl)
Gelé(e) - frosty, as in the field or a window (juhel-eh)
Gelé(e) - frozen (juhel-eh)
Geler - to freeze (juhel-ewr)
Frigide - fridid, as in sexually (frige-eed) (don't use this please :s)
Hiver - winter (iv-ehr)
D'hiver - of winter, or wint(e)ry (div-her)

Now in Chinese, what I could find, to the best it can be said in english…

Gan - cold, as in someone' heart is cold
Ganbing - dry ice
Jiebing - freeze, to ice over
Tianlan - sky blue, azure
Guodong - winter
Nianjia - winter holidays

Just so you know Blue is a Celtic or Gaelic surname, that has been given as a first name.
Winter and Ice are first names that are used.
Glad if I was of any service


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