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Subject: permission
Author: Jason P. Smith   (guest)
Date: February 16, 2002 at 7:32:25 PM
Hi Mike,

I eamiled you earlier but have since read that you want me to post a message here- I believe I am clear on this.

As I said in my earlier email, I am compiling a entymolgy of my family names with their birthdates etc. Much of the information regarding names could easily be borrowed from your work. I hope that you will grant me permission. I would not publish this and I would give you full credit and directions to your site which would be printed just for the family members.

Incidetally, my wife is Japanese and her name is Kyoko. I can't find this name in you data base. It means Child of the old City. Also Haruko, our oldest daughter's name means Spring Child and our youngest daughter's name, Hanako, means Flower Child.

I immensely enjoy your web site and hope to hear from you in due course.

Jason P. Smith in Tokyo

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