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Subject: Re: Personal Name Poll
Author: Jensy   (guest)
Date: February 21, 2002 at 6:38:04 PM
Reply to: Personal Name Poll by Lissa
Ok here are mine:

For girls favs:
Sydne- It is just so cool!
Savannah- I think its a pretty, but I might change it a bit.
Alease- It sounds classy
Skyla- Very pretty
Robyn- I think it's pretty
Jordan- I have a thing for places
Brooke- It just is nice
Elysia- It's a nice alternative to alicia and sounds pretty
Monique- It sounds exotic as well as classy
Eve- It's just nice and short

Man I could go on and on

Favs for boys:
Aidan- I just love this name!
Anrai- I think i spelled it right? It's very cool and a nice alternative to Andrei
Jackson- It is distinguised.
Logan- I would change the spelling from Logan to Logen
Chandler- It used to be my great grandfarthers name
Andreas- Also a nice alternatives to Andrei and it sounds unique yet cool.
Dominic- It's a good name for nicnames ect.
Liam- It's nice
Esme- It has a great meaning! and sounds sweet
Jamal- It sounds nice

5 Girls horrible names:

5 boys horrible names:

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