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Subject: Re: When you hear...
Author: Lissa   (guest)
Date: February 22, 2002 at 3:39:15 PM
Reply to: When you hear... by Abeni
Savannah: I think of a horse, because the only living thing, that I know, who is named Savannah, is a horse. Otherwise, I think of a southern belle.

Sydne: I think of a girl wearing glasses working as a reporter. I have a vivid imagination.
Personalty wise, I think of a sweet little girl, but who may be an outcast.

Monique: I think of a bossy girl. Someone who takes charge and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her.

Dominique: I think of a rich girl. Someone who spends money frivolously.

Ren: Where's Stimpy? Sorry, but that's what I think of.

Robyn: I think of a cheerleader.

Jasara: A wild child.

Mia: Someone with a charming personalty.

Skyla or Skylah: I'm not crazy about that name, so I'm not a fair judge.

Aria & Elysia: I don't know.

Marion: Snobby rich girl.

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