Subject: Re: Okay, describe these aliases! :)
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 24, 2002 at 1:11:07 PM
Reply to: Re: Okay, describe these aliases! :) by Merriment
"Benedetta Zibeline Heath - Too posh. No. (But it might be my favourite - haven't seen Zibeline as a name before)"

**** If I'd thought of it at the time, I would've added "Zibeline" to your list of fabric names over on Haggisbutt. This one was my personal choice, as well. Benedetta could go by her first & middle initials -- "B.Z." -- and nickname herself "Beezie". :)

"Helianthe Denezia Ebbett - No. Not believable.(Unlike Cerise Demonheart ;))"

**** "Cerise Demonheart" is bound to become a classic. You could adopt it as your screenname, if you ever cruise over to any Satanic message boards. :)

"Bethania Ethelde Benitez - Yes. Although I (Eliz.) do not want to be anmed after a Welsh village particularly. (I think it sounds like a good samba drumming name (which Eliz. does) meself)."

**** Elizabeth is a samba drummer? Coooool. :)

"Carrie is away but I have stored her names and will get opinions when she returns..."

**** Looking forward to it. :)

-- Nanaea

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