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Subject: I would describe it more as Dinah Stee, still not the most pleasant sound.
Author: Lilith   (guest,
Date: February 25, 2002 at 6:21:22 PM
Reply to: OOOOOOH CANADA!!!!!!!!! by Silver
Rock on, Silver. :) Fortunately, there aren't many extremely religious people in my grade; I have trouble dealing with the very pious since I don't really have anything to do with religion. As for what is life...hehe, I tried to convince a friend of mine today that black is white and white is black. (White = shade of gray. Black = shade of gray. Therefore black = white.) She didn't believe me. -_-

I know someone who goes by "Moraine" online...I've grown rather fond of the name. Tsunami is awesome. ^_^ Dogma is an awesome movie. I'm in the middle of it, though - saw it at a friends' party and had to leave afore the ending. -_- I'm starting to like Loki as a name...

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