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Subject: Re: By the way....
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 27, 2002 at 10:45:29 AM
Reply to: By the way.... by Merriment
Yes, I should think that telling someone at a party that your doctorate is in demonology would cut the conversation straight to the "Oh." ;)

Anna Rachel's Secret Twin = Chara Leann ("Anna & Chara")

Alias for Anna Rachel Cane = Reanna LaChance

Torgun Miranda's Secret Twin = Trudi Morganna ("Torgun & Trudi")

Alias for Torgun Miranda Cane (choose!) =
Gracianne Mordaunt
Catriona Gunderman

Mary Theresa's Secret Twin (choose!) =
Myra Esthera ("Mary & Myra")
Mersey Tarah ("Mary & Mersey")

Alias for Mary Theresa Cane (choose!) =
Cameryn Earthsea
Amarante Scheyer
Traecey Shearman
Catharyne Mearse
Charmayne Easter
Catherene Ramsay
Raeya Manchester

Alan Robertson's Secret Twin = Aslan Norberto ("Alan & Aslan")

Alias for Alan Robertson Cane (choose!) =
Abe Nolan Contreras
Carter Nolan Beason
Carl Antone Seaborn
Lance Bret Aaronson
Sean Carlo Brentano
Noble Aaron Carsten
Carl Earnest Bonano
Barton Sean Carlone
Alec Aaron Berntson
Cesar Anton LeBaron

-- Nanaea

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