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Subject: Re: Triplet Names
Author: Khailey   (guest,
Date: March 19, 2002 at 8:52:19 AM
Reply to: Triplet Names by Kimberley
Came across your posting. Congrats!
How about Monique, Veronique, Angelique....french in form, but you could go Anglo-ish with Monica, Veronica and Angelica. If they are all little ladies. Interesting to have 3 at once!
Miranda, Mirabella, but I can't think of a 3rd to go along with them. Try family surnames...they are always fabulous for babies in modern times, especially when the surname is basically not used anymore due to marriages and such. I have a good friend from A scotts/swedish family. The scotts surnames are all but died out so her mother gave her and her brother surnames...She is Taylor and he is Wallace. (not twins) I adore Wallis for a girl, as in the Duchess of Windsor. Adair is nice also, close to Aidan. Adair, Adrienne<---even great for a boy with a different spelling. Alistair, Alexandria and Miranda sound nice. WOW. What fun you two must be having!! G'luck with all of it. Be nice to find out what you've chosen in the long run.....*smile* Happy Name Hunting, khailey

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