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Subject: I'll reply even though its loooong....
Author: Jensy   (guest)
Date: March 25, 2002 at 5:58:44 PM
Reply to: Opinions of these names.... by Enna
Aelaric: First off if you have to tell how its pronounced it will be a confusing. I don't like it much.

Anton: Its okay

Ashton: Not a fan of any name starting with Ash.

Auden: Not a fave.

Caden: Better then Auden. Its okay.

Caleb: I know a hot guy by this name... Still not crazy about it.

Callum: No thankyou....

Clayton: I know a pervert by this name. Bad choice....

Cohen: It's ok

Connor: Its ok, but not a fave

Decklan/Declan: Reminds me of a deck.

Derek: Not a fave....

Elijah: It's nice

Elliot: Nerdly name

Ethan: Yet again nerd name.

Everett: Okay no....

Holden: Its the name of a town but its nice

Hunter: I like it better for dogs, but its okay

Jaron: unique and creative I like it!

Liam: It is a great name. I like it!!!

Logan: This is a nice modern name, good choice.

Oscar: Wheres the golden globe?

Preston: Yet again a nerd name, but thats my opinion.

Riley: How about ryley? thats a male form. I like that name.

Torin: Its okay

Wade: Its nice

Wesley: I know a fat boy, with a bad personality by this name...

Anneliese: Annakiese has a better flow. Its alright

Rosalia: I saw a touching story about a little girl named Rosalia. Its nice pretty and sophistacated. Nice choice!

Aurelia: Not a fave....

Olivia: Its okay, but food names or names that include food arnt my thing.

Holly: Oh I remember Holly Hobby that doll.... lol....Um its okay.

Heidi: I know a snot by this name.

Marliana: Its okay, kinda pretty

Aurora: Not my fave..

Rebeca: I don't really like this name.

My choices:

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