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Subject: Re: Naming the baby
Author: KISSY   (guest)
Date: April 10, 2002 at 9:43:20 PM
Reply to: Naming the baby by Amanda
I really do not like the name Karsyn or any variation of that name for a girl. Carson for a boy would not be that bad, even a bit trendy right now. Try these names if he likes Karsyn, he might like these:
They are more girly!

Kameron;Scottish Gaelic meaning "one with a wry or crooked nose" (Kameren,Kamrin,Kamron,Kamryn;English variations)see also, Cameron.

Kalina;Hawiian form of Karen

Karina;Contemporary diminutive of Katherine,"pure."(Kareena;English variation)

Karissa;Latin meaning "dear one" (Karyssa;English variation)

Karmen;spanish variation of Carmen

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