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Author: Alexander Nevzorov   (guest)
Date: May 10, 2002 at 3:53:02 AM
Hello, Are you expecting being a mother or a father?
You expect children? Boys or Girls? You have no idea about your baby's name? Ask me! I have a big database of Original names with origins and meanings. You won't see usual names such as John, Paul, George, Mary, Linda, Julia, Jack, Jenny, Jerry...
I submit and suggest NEW names! Remember - Your children will be glad to have a unique name! Welcome to Alexander Nevzorov's Names index! :)


Onarada (female, Meaning "She's glad" - Origin - Russian)

Onarida (a form of Onarada)

Nebbo (male, meaning: Heaven, from Russian "Nebo")

Ellatima (female, from Mitali)

Acceberra (female, from Rebecca)

Haeblus (male, means nothing, Origin: Child's language)

Biesta (female, meaning Beautiful Esta, Origin: Spanish)

Fauna (female, meaning: Fauna , Latin)

Lexan (male, meaning: Law OR Alexander, Latin-Greek)

Aliana (female, from liana)

Onder (male, from Russian "ON", meaning: he)

Novietta (female, Origin: international, meaning: NEW)

Welta (female, Origin: German, meaning: world)

Garten (male, German, garden)

Bogolyub (male, Origin: Slavonic, Meaning: Lover of God)

Lovediana (female, Origin: English, Meaning: Lovely Diana)

Adventina (female, from Advent, meaning Waited)

Mermadinah (female, Origin: English, meaning: Mermaid)

Beatlina (female, Origin: English, Meanings: Lover of Beat-music, Beatles' fan)

Cutie (unisex, Origin: English, Meaning: Cutie)

Paco (male, Origin: Esperanto, meaning: Peace )

Slonceida (female, Origin: Polish, Meaning: Sun)

Egina (female, a geographic place)

Milliana (female, Latin, 1000, millenium)

Milliy (male, Russian , darling)

Notta (female, Latin, note)

Jamma (female, English, jam)

Dalina (female, Russian, dale, walley)

Ideal (male, International, Ideal)

Unique (male, International, the only)

Jeholo (male, Hebrew-English, Jehovah loves)

Arfa (female, Meaning: Harp)

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