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Subject: Santa rules!
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: May 14, 2002 at 2:40:50 AM
Reply to: eh hem......attention evil ones by Heather
As per Bro Daividh's suggestion, here is how I propose we cook Caitlin:

*Caitlin with Onions - Stifado*
1 baby Caitlin (about 2 kilos)
1 1/2 kilos small or pearl onions
2 cups olive oil
1 bulb garlic
1 -2 cups vinegar
3/4 kilo or 1/2 tablespoon tomato paste tomatoes
2-3 bay leaf
1 sprig rosemary

Cut Caitlin in pieces. Place in a bowl, sprinkle with vinegar and let soak for about 2 hours. Heat the olive oil. Wipe pieces dry, then fry and put in a stewing pot. Add the tomato paste or tomatoes, strained through a colander, the vinegar cloves of one whole garlic bulb, the bay leaves, rosemary, salt, pepper, 2 cups of water and the frying pan oil. Let the meal cook for about 45 minutes. In the remaining oil, fry the onions, already peeled and washed, then pour them into poor stewing Caitlin. Cover the pot and let the meal cook slowly until only very little sauce remains.

Note: Everything can be put in the pot without first frying them. That is, the pieces of Caitlin, onions, tomato paste, water, garlic, bay leaves rosemary, salt and pepper. Cover the pot and let the meal slowly cook.
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