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Subject: Dearest 'Caitlyn' please seek professional help... I am thinking white padded walls? (more)
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: May 14, 2002 at 10:26:20 PM
Reply to: eh hem......attention evil ones by Heather
The fact you cannot open your eyes to other religions and you openly show contempt for you makes you a biggot.
I thought you might enjoy a reality boost, and I am assuming you are of the Judeo-Christian faith, so here you go.
Number one, if I told you, that in a religion they suggest acts of canabaslism, teach you to blindly follow a diety you have no proff of, and offer your life, the life of your offspring, and your soul, what kind of religion would you deam it as? If in this religion you had no proof of your god, yet the followers start major wars and kill numerous people to prove they are right, what is this religion? If this religion dictates out how people must live their lives, to the point they lose some of their humanity and their free will, what is it? If you pray constantly to this diety always looking for guidance, even thought it doesn't exist, if you worship it, and spend hours a week falling down to this omnipotent being, this must be some freakish cult right? Some new sadistic creepy religion! Welcome to the religion of Judeo-Christianity.
Two, I would like you to be aware that religion is the greatest downfall of society right now because of the out of date practices and lack of freedom. Religion has started the largest and heaviest casulited war, and some of the longest one. Religion seperates the people and brings down modern order because of unrealistic ideals and rules that dont accomadate a normal healthy animal life.
Three, Satanism is a religion that protects children and animals, no nailing kitties to fench posts, sorry! They believe in well... being human, and fulfilling your life and your desires, living your existance to the fullest. Now, to me this just sounds like living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life, instead of selling ur soul to some faceless guy sitting up there in the clouds.
Four, the best reason, Nan is cool, and understands herself, where you are a brainwashed sheep! So you go back to eating some guys flesh and drinking his blood, and lets leave the rest of the people to being normal? mk?



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