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Subject: Re: what does shannon mean
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: May 18, 2002 at 3:16:23 PM
Reply to: what does shanno mean by shannon
One, we don't email people.
But I don't know how u can get a report out a of a first name, they have very simple meanings.
A good idea is maybe to try some alternative sites that don't view a name by where it came from but by 'karma' like the Kalbrians site.
See the other websites thing on the first page.
Another good idea would to trace back the gaelic words, because gaelic is just from another languague, which was based on another language.
If this is an indepth research project, a lil tracing back of sematic languages might be in store.
Often people think of other people because of their name, like celebrites, conqueres, myths. So why not find some Shannon's in those.
You could write about how your name has effected you, because that is a result of the name, what it besets upon a person.
I've grown up with a unisex name, and its not been always easy.
Just some ideas

Much love


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