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Subject: Percy ^_^
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: May 28, 2002 at 7:32:55 PM
Hullo all u crazy name lovers!
I gotta qu. for you.
On this site the name 'Percival' is listed as being originally celtic, with an unknown meaning (btw how then can u know its celtic?) and so when it was celtic it was spelt different, how so? and then it was altered from the French 'percer val' to 'to pierce the vally'. But wouldnt it have to be Percer le val?
but in a book I have is Greek for 'the destroyer'.
Major difference.
Also in my CRAZY book it has Henry as german for ruler of the home
and Henri as english for from the hedged medow....
is it just me, or are they just spelling variations?

The ever confused,


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