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Subject: Need Hebrew Names? + how to pronounce them
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: March 1, 2005 at 5:57:47 PM
I often see people needing Hebrew names, and not knowing where to find them...

Here are some good sites: (to find a name by sound or meaning) (to search the meaning of a name)

If you can read French, the book "Le Livre des Prénoms Bibliques et Hébraïques", by Rabbi Marc-Alain OUAKNIN and Dory ROTNEMER, is great.

Now, I've noticed that English-speaking people have real difficulties to prononce them.

Here's a little guide:

"a" always gives the sound "ah"
"u" always gives the sound "oo"
"e" always gives the sound "eh" (pet, air...)
"i" always gives the sound "ee"
"o" always gives the sound "oh"

"h" and can be either like "aCHtung", "the LoCH Ness" (Rahel, Hanna...), or like "to Hide", "Here", "Hear" (Aharon, Hadassah)

"ch" can be either like "aCHtung" and "the LoCH Ness", or like "sh".

"j" (which should be written "y") always gives the sound "y". Elijah should be "eh-lee-yah", for example.

"b" sometimes gives the sound "v". Reuben -> Reuven. Laban -> Lavan.

How do I know if a name is Hebrew?

~~ Claire ~~

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