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Subject: Re: Pronounciation Help
Author: Jessica Randall   (guest)
Date: March 1, 2005 at 9:55:54 PM
Reply to: Pronounciation Help by Casey
Hmm, "Llewellyn?" I find that strange in text, myself, but it's a pretty name. Here's something about Welsh pronunciation for you to chew on.

The double L is pronounced by putting your tongue in the regular position for you to make a regular "L" sound, however, you gently blow air out around your tongue instead.

"Ew" is hard to discribe, so I shall rely on a discription I found on a website on Welsh pronounciation.

(The following paragraph is quoted from
Ew is more difficult to describe. It can be approximated as eh-oo or perhaps as in the word mount. The nearest English sound is found in English midland dialect words such as the Birmingham pronunciation of "you" (yew). Welsh words: mewn (meh-oon or moun); tew (teh -oo)
(End of quotation)

"E" is simply pronounced "eh".

I'm guessing the double L is pronounce as an "aspirated" "L" sound again.

The "Y" is pronounce "uh" because of the "N" consonant at the end.

The "N" is a simply "nn" sound.

So, try to figure out the pronunciation by practicing based on what I told you, or get someone who speaks Welsh to help you out. Welsh is a language with very complicated pronunciations. I wouldn't suggest naming a child this name.

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